Saturday, May 15, 2010

C & C thats the Collins and Cars!

Yep the Collins are in the market for a new car. This totally stresses me out! I love cars (I'v had 11 over the last 15 years)  Trey knows nothing about cars and has never actually bought a car and  has had 3 tahoes in a row, variety is the spice of life, well not for Trey!  If you know Trey it will come as know surprise that he has researched the car buying process down to what county has the cheapest taxes to buy in. He was up at 4 am this morning on the computer "researching" Since we have 2 Tahoes now we want to get something smaller. We shopped from 11 am to 6 pm with Campbell in tow! She defiantly tested the durability of every make and model we looked at! I don't recommend taking a toddler car shopping. We could never test drive a car at the same time ( not fun to move the car seat around) which doubled the time it took to look at each car!

Here are the front runners ...
chevy traverse

Mercedes GLK 

mercedes glk

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