Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Texas v OU weekend recap

Yeah Yeah better late than never ...right?

Mr. and Mrs. Collins
The boys

Yes thats right! I can ride! 

Every year we try the newest fried food. This year it was fried beer...

We had such high hopes

"R" taking the first bite
best described as ravioli fried and injected with beer
Stick with the Fletchers Corn Dog!

The fair was also educational, for "R" at least. I got yelled at by the  Chopper man! 

If your a regular to the Red River Rivalry like us then I know you have wondered what people do when they win one of those huge stuffed creatures and then it's time to go to the game. REALLY don't be the guy that drags that thing in and makes everyone around you suffer! It's not like seats are cheep and this pig needs it's own seat. Then Mannon so kindly pointed out... Thats just a female sooner with a kind longhorn fan helping her out of the stadium! 

Texas 20 Oklahoma  28



  1. FUN!! Ya'll are hard core! We just got tix to this weekends game, lmk if ya'll are down at Darrell K Royal

  2. We are there for ever game, even if I have a baby in-tow we don't miss
    Janet I need your phone number will you email it over to me. May be we can meet up down there!


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