Sunday, February 12, 2012

2 weeks of moving

What have we been up to? Well it's been 2 weeks of this...

It's starting to come together and look like we live here. We were without tv and internet for the first 8 days so a lot got done. Makes me really wonder how productive I would be if we never got it at all but in the flip side I was totally out of touch with the world! I did not even know what the weather was going to do.
This week I'm scheduled around lots of deliveries & installers. Love it when the arrival window is 6 hours! Really you must have no life to get this stuff done or wait months for weekend deliveries. Lucky for me it's a perk of being a SAHM I can be here for deliveries, now we can stop eating off the floor & cable has restored peace in our home now that My little pony is back in the DVR box!

The dogs sure are glad my little pony is back too & their job of filling in as the entertainment is back to part time.

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