Friday, February 17, 2012

Drum Roll Please

Campbell has an announcement to make...

The Very proud and Excited big sister to be,
expects her delivery,
August 26th 2012

I learned I was expecting a few days before Christmas just in time to wrap up the news and put it under the tree for Mr. T to unwrap! 

The news was just settling in and we were an excited bunch when we got to go to the 8 week ob visit and confirm the news with a sonogram. 

Which turned out to look like this...

hummm, something look a little different to you? 
It's not one but two! 

So make the news Two Due 
Sometime in August. 


  1. Holy crap! Awesome! And explains the new house much better! ;-)

  2. Amber! What a double blessing for you, Trey and Campbell. I'm thrilled for you all and look forward to following your journey with your presious twins-to-be. Congratulations!!!

    1. PS- Have you seen the Tory Burch diaper bag? It has pouches for two bottles : )

  3. I'm going to stay with my original comment, OMG when did we get to be adults?

    I can't wait to meet my birthday buddies (*fingers crossed*)

  4. How exciting! It's a crazy ride :)


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