Thursday, May 3, 2012

My little buckaroo turned 4!

Miss C wanted a pony party AGAIN this year. Click here to see last year's pony party at my mom's house. This year I really needed to keep it simple but I still wanted to give her the pony party she wanted. I found a place less then a mile from our new house called The little Buckaroo Ranch. We invited a few friends and family to come enjoy the animals with us.
I'll give the buckaroo ranch a little review here: Overall great experience. Cowgirl Mariam, owner and party leader, well let's just say she never breaks character! She might be a little overly stern when it comes to her rules. For example when Uncle Joe (an adult here people) petted a pony out of turn she busted into song & dance to correct him in front of the group. It was really funny but I'm not sure Uncle Joe and Cowgirl Mariam thought so.  My family thought I was a little crazy for paying perfectly good money to be let around a "farm"
Great Grandma Freddie & LA 

Hay Rides with Hannah and Macy

Miss C and her new friend Miss A

Goldfish Kisses

Baby Wranglers

The Fierke's and this was Anna Cate's 1st birthday party

A real cowboy! We love this little guy

She is a natural on Coco

Mr T and Firke in their first father to father to father talk. Oh these to deserved lol girls!

Leslie and Alora

M is a natural, now if we can just get her married so we can get her pregnant! 

We ended up back at our place for a little after party where we could all share stories of how Cowgirl Mariam snapped at us!
future classmates, Bryson and Anna Cate

The party never stops! ANOTHER birthday breakfast, cooked by Pop Joel


  1. Sweet post. I love her face in that last picture!

  2. Darling party, Amber! I'm disappointed we couldn't be there. Happy Birthday Sweet Campbell!


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