Thursday, June 28, 2012

Decorations & Details- The twins shower

The AMAZING Decorations! 

Doubble Bubble Topiary 

There are over 700! 
Miss Lucy Q. was the game winner with a guess of 400
This crown jewel is now my dining room center piece 

This sign welcomed guest to the party as they arrived. 
I think I should put this in the lawn at Mr. T's law office! 

Baby Bump progression posters! 

Paying homage to our old school cheerleading days! Painted banners! 

The girls thought of every thing down to the tinest details

Miss C likes to eat herself and feeds me the others! 
Twinings Earl Grey Tea. A game prize won by my Grandmother for guessing how many inches around I measured! 

The guest drank form personalized cups
"Double the trouble but double the fun, It's twins for the Collins"

The Food was great great. We had a "Collins Twin Pack" of two slider burgers wrapped in patriotic paper & pin wheels with old school & sweet potato fry mix. Thank goodness there are no pictures of me stuffing my face! 

Party Favors

Austin Amber Beer & Mini Barefoot wines wrapped meticulously with tags that read "Thank you for showering the twins June 24th 2012" 


  1. Congratulations! exciting!!! Such fun decorations! I bet your guest had a wonderful time.

  2. AMBER, WOW!!! Your hostesses did an incredible job. I have never seen such a candy bar. This party needs to be in a maagzine. Everything was so thoughtful and fun. I'm disappointed I missed out. And I must say, you are one gorgeous pregnant momma!

    1. Every detail was so meaningful! I could not ask for better friends! two I met in JLA so I have you to thank for that!


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