Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two Months

Where oh where does the time go? For me it's consumed in diapers, bottles, boobs, laundry and personal assistant to a very busy 4 year old!

So I'm late posting the Twins 2 month pictures and update but these days I'm lucky to get it done at all so I'm going to cut myself a little slack.

On with the cuteness ...

What's cooking: Both Rush and Nixon eat on average every 3 hours around the clock. They take turns nursing every other feeding now since each baby eats at least 4oz per feeding so we have a little alternating breast/formula thing going on.
Who's Sleeping: The longest either baby has slept is 3 1/2 hours at a stretch
Fashion: My little Pixie Nixon is still wearing Newborn size but Big boy Rush has moves on to 0-3 months size.
Personality: We have smiles, Nixon first then about a week later Rush. Nixon is doing a lot of coos when you talk to her and she is very reactive to her big sister! Rush loves a lot of eye contact and is starting to coo a little but is much more into studying the world around him. When Nix was fussing the other day I looked at Rush and said "that's your twin" he actually gave me a laugh out loud. I swear he was thinking don't look at me mom!

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