Saturday, July 28, 2012

London 2012 Summer Olympic Games

I can't say I had always been a huge Olympics watcher but my husband has. The man could watch any sporting event I swear and act like it's his life long passion. I became a much more interested and educated watcher during the 2008 Beijing Games because I was at home learning the ropes of taking care of a newborn Miss C. So it hit me that I have a pattern going here. I have newborns during Olympic summer games! 

The London Games have officially started and so have my contractions! 
Will the Twins arrive before the closing ceremonies???

Just a little factoid, I love all things british! I have spent some time there and fallen in love. Hints the degree in British literature, stock pile of twinnings tea & the ability to talk endlessly about the Tutors. Not to Mention New Baby Girls middle name is Elizabeth ( in the queens diamond jubilee year)  Maybe I like that the Brits appreciate my dry sense of humor? Oh I am a nurd! 

So I'll be watching and waiting...
Babies you have 15 Days! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

learning to embrace the belly

When I was pregnant with Miss C I did not embrace the bump. I think there were a few reasons but mostly I never looked pregnant I just looked bloated. From about 30 weeks on I kinda looked pregnant. I took very few pictures of the bump and really regret it. I guess I did not fully realize how special being pregnant is.
This pregnancy I have looked obviously pregnant since 20 weeks. I have looked and felt pregnant for a really long time! This go round I'm constantly being stopped and talked to about my bump by strangers,  kids and dogs. I must have a funny smell or something because they all feel the need to sniff and crawl all over me! Seriously my neighbors dog comes to my house and sits on my porch till I let her in. She even came and found me at the pool one day. Crazy but it's better to be big and pregnant than look maybe pregnant.

One thing that is different this go round is that I still have a four year to keep up with. I NEVER thought I would have on a bikini with this belly but hey I had Miss C to take to the pool what else could I do. One day as I was trying my best to be discreet and keep the bump under the water a little boy of no more than 3 came swimming up to of course examine the belly. He asked the normal questions, "Do you have a baby in there?" "when will they come out?" and my favorite "it's really big!" Then he rubbed my belly and said...
"You know my mommy's tummy was broken so she borrowed one to have me." I told him I'm so glad she found one to borrow because he is a sweet boy and I'm glad he found his way here"

I'm not much for the mushy stuff but it was just what I needed to hear. I'm sure coming from a mother I would have listened but coming from this sweet faced little boy I HEARD what he had to say. I think of him as the going is getting tuff, the belly is no longer cute and I'm uncomfortable most all the time.
The belly is a privilege not a right.
Each pain is a baby learning to stretch their limbs and each stretch mark is a pound my babies gained in order to survive in the outside world. Is it easy? No, but thanks to that little boy at the pool I sure am grateful I have been given the opportunity to bring my babies into the world.

So on that note I give you the Bikini bump!
This was taken at 30 weeks the day the little boy talked to me at the pool

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Car seats and quotes

Let me set the scene.
It's 2 in the afternoon and we are loading in the car after lunch at Luby's.
Side note- yes lunch at 2pm cause it takes that long to leave the house, yes Luby's cause that's where the toddlers and elderly are not judged.
Campbell: "mom what are we going to do with all these kids, look 1,2,3 kids in this car"
Me: "well Campbell I've been asking myself the same question"
Ah from the mouth of a babe

You see there are a few, I'll call them speed bumps, with twins. The car and car seats being one of them. Buying a giant ride was not an issue. I needed seating for 5 minimum & cargo space. That criteria alone narrows the market to about 4 choices and mini van was not one of them. So we chose the Chevy suburban. We are a Chevy family and iv had three Tahoes so the suburban z71 was our first OMG we are going to have 3 kids purchase.
The speed bump came when it was time to install carseats. The damn infant seats are so big they block being able to get to the 3rd row and hello we have 2 of them so both sides of the car are totally blocked off. Poor Miss C has to duck and crawl in under the infant seats. She has been a good sport about it so far. How can I own a giant SUV and still have a space issue. No matter what vehicle I would be playing car seat jinga. But over all I love the suburban. Like Miss C said, What am I going to do with all these kids! I can't believe I'm a mom of 3!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weeks 32 & 33

At our 32 week checkup everyone was looking great! 

Baby A Boy 
3 lb. 9oz
145 bpm

Baby B Girl
 4 lb. 3oz
144 bpm

Both babies are very camera shy. They both turn and face my spine so we can not take any good sonogram or 4D pictures. 

Total weight gain at 32 weeks: 32 lb.
I have officially surpassed my delivery weight of Miss C by 2 lb. with about 6 weeks to go. 

Mommy is feeling:
HUGE! I'm grateful this pregnancy has gone so smoothly so I really don't want to complain. I was warned by my nurse Sarah that 30 weeks even in the best twin pregnancy can be a turning point for the aches and pains. She was not kidding, week 32 I started getting really bad pregnancy brain fog again. I'm very easily over stimulated and have a total lack of ability to focus or concentrate. I'v never experienced anything like it. I describe it as my body is prioritizing and normal brain function is LOW on it's list!
Week 33 has began with a lot of upper back and rib pain. Likely to happen when your carrying over 8 Lb. of baby. Luckily there is very little swelling or water weight ( yeah no fat face) but it does mean all 30 pounds I'v gained is in my abdomen so the back pain seems to be here to stay for the duration.

If all goes according to plan we should be meeting these little ones in 5 weeks!