Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shhhh…remember as far as anyone knows we are a perfectly normal family

Well that secrete is out! Normal we are not! 

When it came time to take 2013 holiday card photos I was on the fence about having Mr. T and I in them but I thought lets take a few with the kids for our personal album even if they won't make the card. Mr. T is not exactly a good sport about photo shoots and I'm not exactly Gisele Bundchen after chasing 3 kids all day.  After 15 min, a lot of sweat (this is christmas in Texas) and a entire container of blueberries Mr. T vowed he was not taking another "fake ass cheesy photo" so I said cool lets capture reality!  

Here are the results… 

 as usual Ryker is just hanging out

Once again BIG thanks to Sarah for capturing us as Our Story Goes On…

Two years running she has beautifully captured my family and I literally mean she was running! Thanks for putting up with my crazy ideas yet again 

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  1. i LOVE all of these!! hilarious and perfect and sweet :) xo


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