Friday, January 31, 2014

My other twins

I have fallen behind on my monthly "baby book" style post on the kids. Feeling guilty about that I was getting the 17 month post written and I realized that I had mistaken a picture of my Campbell (5) as Nixon (17 mo)! So I looked up some of Miss C's old pictures and did a little comparison side by side 


Can you tell them apart? My Husband can't! Of Course I can! 
I get asked ALL THE TIME if my twins are identical, hmmm no one has a penis, but it looks like I do have some Twinkie pies in my house

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Did Christmas kill all the mommy bloggers?

I'v been catching up on some of the original blogs I started reading when I got into this whole blog world a few years ago. These were ladies mostly documenting their lives as moms. Before sponsors & stats became something everyone started caring about. And mostly women I knew in real life. 
I'm felling better about my blogging absence after trolling thru some of my favorite blogs lately. Looks like the holidays equal absence in the mommy bloggers world! 
Cheers ladies for still blogging! 

The blog that inspired me to start a blog!!! 

Emily at The Anderson Crew

Little Miss Mamma
fresh eggs and laundry
And Both Shall Row…plus baby too!
Ok this lady did not quit blogging over the holiday but she is one of the first blogs I started reading and still love! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shhhh…remember as far as anyone knows we are a perfectly normal family

Well that secrete is out! Normal we are not! 

When it came time to take 2013 holiday card photos I was on the fence about having Mr. T and I in them but I thought lets take a few with the kids for our personal album even if they won't make the card. Mr. T is not exactly a good sport about photo shoots and I'm not exactly Gisele Bundchen after chasing 3 kids all day.  After 15 min, a lot of sweat (this is christmas in Texas) and a entire container of blueberries Mr. T vowed he was not taking another "fake ass cheesy photo" so I said cool lets capture reality!  

Here are the results… 

 as usual Ryker is just hanging out

Once again BIG thanks to Sarah for capturing us as Our Story Goes On…

Two years running she has beautifully captured my family and I literally mean she was running! Thanks for putting up with my crazy ideas yet again 

I used to be a good mom

no seriously I was! Hard to believe for those of you who know me now but it's true! 

As a mom of one I:
Blogged ALL THE TIME for 3 years! 
We went to gymboree class
Mondays at the children's museum
Stroller strides MWF
Playgroups (hosted stupid BPA free playgroups)
Moms night out with the play group moms
Threw beyond elaborate parties for my daughter
100+ volunteer hours a year with the Junior League
Preschool room mom
Chair of the teacher appreciation committee 
Safeplace volunteer appreciation party committee  
Went to the gym 3 days a week with a trainer 

As a Mom of 3 I: 
Took maternity leave and never went back from Junior league
Left my daughter in private school in part because of the very forgiving tardy/attendance police
I don't craft or DYI unless you consider wrapping plastic wrap over the balcony to keep the twins from throwing    things over a DYI project
No playgroups or gymboree
Put on an extra 15 pounds
Drink wine from a box
I still do anything the teacher or school director ask but feel guilty because I know I have only done the bare minimum rather than an outstanding job. 
I feel like it's been a good day if everyone is alive and fed. Notice I did not say clean. 
My husband and I almost got divorced ( seriously I'm not just saying that) 
I started shutting down rather than stepping up to challenges 

Do you ever feel like you’ve spent all of your energy going a million miles an hour, taking care of family, jobs, housework, out-of-town guests, etc? Then you find yourself hitting a wall and not knowing how to move on? Come on, ladies, I can’t be the only one! I don’t know if it’s the changing of the seasons or a whole lot of just plain CRAZY! 

Well it's 2014 and I'm making a New Years resolution to get my shit together! That includes this blog! I missed you blog but I'm glad to be back! 
Admitting that I'm out numbered and I need help. 
Admitting I can't do everything I used to and being comfortable saying no. Even if it's mostly to myself.

I have to let go of "normal" and embrace the joys being a MoM brings. Life with 3 kids under 5 is never going to be predictable. Managing 3 personalties is never going to be easy.
 I'm putting a lot of faith in the ol' saying: 
God will not give you more than you can handle

He knows he gave me twins right???

Heres to 2014
a fresh start!