Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Look who's moving in...The elf on the shelf

 The Collins are starting a new family tradition!

He has an important job. He comes shortly after Thanksgiving. This Elf is assigned to watch over your family and report back to Santa each night about who has been naughty or nice that day. By morning he's back but he's in a different place in the house for a daily hide-and-seek ritual that will delight your kids and adults alike.

Now what should we name our Elf? Mr. T wants to name him Jerome. I was thinking Merkle.

Since I can remember my grandmother has had these elves in a cabinet above her fridge. I used to always look forward to getting them out  no matter the time of year. They were kind of skinny and a little pitiful looking but I liked them anyways. Last year I ran across the "Elf on the shelf" product. There he was looking all skinny just like the ones above the fridge! I loved him right away and knew Miss C had to have one. Then I read the back story to theses skinny little elves and it was so sweet and fun. All these years I never knew the elves above the fridge were watching me and reporting to Santa !

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