Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, RuPaul!

Today's post is dedicated to drag queens in order to celebrate the 50th birthday of the Queen of All Drag Queens, Miss RuPaul.

Drag Race

For a prissy white girl, I have had more encounters with drag queens than you would expect. Hell I live in Austin; what do you expect! It all started when I tricked my best friend Chuck into going to "gay" night at Stampedes in Tyler, Texas. I know what your thinking... gay night in the heart of the bible belt? Yes, it is true even back in 1999! They had one of the best Drag shows that night that I have ever seen to date! Just ask Chuck he LOVED IT! 

Yesterday Miss. C, Mr. T and I were driving down (Of course) 6th street and Miss. C pointed out the window and said "So cute!" We both responded in unison "What?" Clear as day she pointed out the window at a passing Drag Queen "She is so cute!"

She may look like her daddy but she thinks like her mommy! Keep Austin Weird Miss. C!  

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