Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall comes to an end

As fall comes to and end so does one of the Collins favorite past times. Football. 

On a good note Jake ended his season as the Cayuga High School Quarterback making it two rounds into the playoffs! Ending the season 9-3. Congratulations Jake and the Cayuga Wildcats

The Longhorns on the other hand did not exactly have a stellar season. In fact the only good thing about this season was the tailgates (Thanks Rick!) This time last year we were planning a week long trip to Southern California to follow the Horns to the National Championship Game at the Rose Bowl. 

(A look back at better times)

Drinking wine at Pelican Head watching the ocean
Mr. T and I tailgating on the golf course
The Man himself, Bevo, makes his rounds greeting fans .. ME! 
And last but certainly not least the Rose Bowl

Looks like this year the only bowl game we are invited to is a TOILET BOWL!

Longhorns 5-7

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