Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2

Here is a look at Christmas take two!
We headed over to Nana and Pika's house just down the road the on the 18th. Nana has a traditional Christmas feast (She is a great cook) and opening presents under the tree. One thing Nana does a really great job of is her stockings. After my first Christmas at her house I decided I'm bringing back the stockings in my own family traditions. I mean I'v always had a stocking at my moms and Mr. T and our clan have them but mostly they are decorations. Nana really picks out super fun little things to go in everyones stocking and it's great fun to dig out all the little things inside. Nana hand made almost all the stocking for everyone but the past year or two we have been multiplying faster than she can make stockings so she is getting a little help from Santa's corporate elves! But each stocking she makes truly represents the owner. Very special tradition!

Mr. T's side of the family is very small. He really only has his dad and cousin Joe left. So it is really special for us to get to see them and for Campbell to get to know them. They drive down from Ft. Worth area to have Christmas with us. Nana's sons and significant others are also there. 

Of course Miss C is spoiled rotten with gifts! This year Nana and Pika got Miss C the Dora Window Surprises doll house... HUGE hit! 
Fisher-Price Dora Window Surprises Dollhouse

Here we have music by three generations of Collins
Miss C
Mr. T

Yep, I see it too, The apple did not fall far from the fashion tree!
 Like father like son I guess. 

The Whole Collins Christmas Clan 2010

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