Monday, December 20, 2010

How Many Christmases do you have?

When you and your husband are both the product of divorced parents your "Christmas" easily turns from 2 to 4 or in our case 5. Five sets of people expect us to show up smiling at their door at some point between Thanksgiving and New Years. Thats not counting a "Christmas" at our own house with the gifts the 3 of us have for each other. That would make 6!!! So for all you newlyweds out there think about this before you have kids. Make a plan BEFORE the baby arrives on where you will spend the holidays. Will you drag you child to 6 Christmases?? Mark my words it will cause a marital fight! Plan it ahead and stand your ground!
A part of me is jealous of my BFF Chuckles, after being divorced for 18 years his mom and dad have rekindled their romance while being parents of the groom at Chuck and Amanda's wedding. I always was a big fan of the movie Parent Trap.  The Parent Trap (1961) and The Parent Trap II (1986): 2-Movie Collection (2-Disc Set) Lucky! one less "Christmas"

So here is how the plan looks:
Thanksmas- Mr. T's Mother and Grandmother "Thanksmas"in Kerville. We have limited this to one trip
                    between the two holidays. It's over 6 hours in the car in one day and so not fun with a toddler!

Christmas 1- Mr.T's dad's house, Nana & Pika, with Mr.T's cousins and his step siblings.
Christmas 2- The 3 of us and Ryker and Lucy. Breakfast and presents on Christmas eve morning
Christmas 3- My step dad's family Christmas eve in Palestine
Christmas 4- SANTA! My whole family on the ranch Christmas morning
Christmas 5- My Dad and his family. And my New baby sister. Yes, I typed that right I have a new baby
                     sister. Well she is 2 now but hey she is new to me!  I have to give her a blog name! hummmm
                    for now I'll call her Baby K. Will attempt this visit in the week between Christmas and New

FYI Miss C if your ever reading this don't think I will not spend every Christmas with you where ever you are or who you marry, I'll follow you to the moon if I have to!

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