Friday, December 3, 2010

Breakfast with Mrs Claus

 Breakfast with Mrs Claus is a great way to kick off the holiday season! I hope this is a tradition we have started that continues for many years. To make it extra special Ganny came to spend the weekend with us and go to the A Christmas Affair parties with Miss C and I.
We started the party with a pancake breakfast and decorating plates for Santa's cookies! There was a chocolate milk bar and cookies galore.

The master piece in the making! 

After eating tons of goodies we sat by the christmas trees and Mrs Claus read The Night Before Christmas. Miss C loves stories and this was no exception. Mrs Clause's story was followed by some live entertainment by some of the North Pole Elves ( my junior league provisional classmates! ) Now this was were Miss C really came alive! What is more fun than rocking out in your Dora PJ's? 

Candy land trees
Shaking it to the Christmas carols

taking Mommy for a spin on the dance floor

Life's Sweet

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  1. I am taking time to read ur last three posts- These are a few of my favorite things-as the song says-and then I don't feel--- so sad-- r --alone!!!!! I'm sorry I had difficulty finding u-forgot ur car was not black-T told me it was just the same-I took literally---Also-I ended up W/ 2 Parrots---Whee---we were supposed to get checks---Ho Ho-damn Leo's---I will be at Steiner manana at 2 -Dr. Lain's dermatology-the cute one I told u about--on morning news often chan 2----To add to my frustration W Herman I also KNOW he's not only a provider of anything u want-or more appropriately- as he assures me he's single -An Free-to pleasure me in any way!!! EEEEEK That's scary(maybe something 2 fantasize -shortly)Until u think...-atlength Gadzook-" SANDRA-What was ur thinking" Quote The Ripper-


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