Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miss C's First Dance Class

The day I have been waiting for since I found out I was pregnant with a girl has arrived! Miss C had her first dance class! You see dance is very special to me. I started taking dance when I was 2 1/2, the same age Miss C is now. It has always been my true passion and was much more then a hobby to me. 
I don't ever want Miss C to feel pressured to do something just because it is important to me so all I could do was cross my fingers and hope she loved dance as much as I did. 

SHE DID! She Loved it! 

She went into class without hesitation. Which is not a normal trait for Miss C. She is very shy when she is placed in a new environment. She took Miss Amy's hand and got right to it! She came out half way through for her shoe change and said "mommy dance is fun!" I held back tears but inside I was so excited. Finally my little wallflower found something she was excited about. How lucky for me its ballet! 

 She did great! Maybe someone has been working with her on some basic steps for a few weeks now *wink *wink* the other girls in the class are a little older and have been in class since August. They were really sweet and cute as they helped show Miss C the ropes.

And one more cool thing, Miss Amy is not just any old teacher. Amy is the owner/ Director of West Austin Dance Academy and just happens to have gone to high school with me and is the niece of my childhood dance teacher Mrs Carol. We danced together and even went to competitions together. Amy is a fourth generation studio owner/teacher. I am very excited Miss C is learning from the same family I learned from, I know she is in good hands! 

Miss C at two weeks old with my pointe shoes

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  1. I took dance from 3-16! My mom originally made me join to improve my coordination.. Then it turned out to be a passion! I even minored in dance for a year in college..but it just became too much with my major to keep up with.. I love the pic with your pointe shoes. Oh, to have a girl! I would for sure pull mine out of the hope chest for pic opt like that!!!


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