Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shopping in suburbia

Cowgirls Tampon Case

You know how some stories are just better told in person? Well this might be one but I am going to give it a shot anyways.

While at a Junior League function the other night I experienced a funny tale from suburbia. The function was held a a little boutique on our side of town, which it's no secret that its a very WASP type community. A friend was buying these cute little tin's that hold tampons and they have 40's pin up girls on them.

Click her to see these cute little tampon holders!

 My friend "K" wanted to get one for a  African American friend's going away gift. We looked for a tin with an African American girl on it but go figure there were none. "K" and I giggled and she asked the boutique sales girl if they had any. Rather just just saying no she frantically searched around and looking in the back and finally reemerged to say " oh sorry I think we are sold out". "K" busted out laughing and said "Bull Shit" I had to laugh as well; it was funny. It was so obvious that they never had any black pin up girl tins. It was obvious it was her first request for any type of African American product! No Really we must be sold out!

Hope that was as funny as it was in real life!


  1. haha! That is too funny! I wish I could of been there in person.. I may start using that line though.. Next time someone asks me for something and I dont have or dont want to give it to them.... Nope, sorry sold out! :)

  2. Such a cop out,huh? She actually said "bull shit" out loud to the clerk? LOL

  3. Seriously!? That was such a kind and politically correct response. I'm impressed. Too funny!

  4. Yes she actually said bull shit! But she said it with a smile and a laugh so it came off nice but more like she was saying BUSTED!


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