Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday house

We moved in 3 years ago today! If your doing the math you will notice we moved into the house when Miss C was 1 week old. Needless to say I remember nothing about the move! Thats the thing with building a house, you never know exactly when it will be completed. 

If you remember we had the house up for sale a while back. Well nothing has changed we still want to move back into town and the house will be listed in the MLS gain within the next two weeks. As ready as we are to get back into town and off scrapbook island I will miss this house. It holds memories of so many first for my little family. I designed it, furnished it and boy have we lived in it. 


  1. I LURVE the shower curtain!! :) We have been in our house 5 years and we are ready for an upgrade, but not quite ready to put it on the market yet.

  2. It's a great house. I cried and cried when we sold our first home. It's funny how deeply connected we can become to our houses. Good luck with the sell.

  3. That is one amazing, movie star shower!! Please don't move!?

  4. @Christine I have to move to be closer to you!


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