Monday, March 28, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Emler Swim School 

Here is the program Miss C will be working on over the next 11 weeks. 

Aquatots (AQ)

3-year old's who cannot swim without flotation. Themes and games entertain tots while learning to move through the water for five feet.

Advanced Aquatots (AAQ)

3-year old's who already move five feet through the water. Themes and games entertain tots as they learn to swim ten feet and start a rollover breath while swimming.

Super Aquatots (SAQ)

3-year old's who already swim ten feet. Tots learn to swim 15 feet while getting a rollover breath.

X-treme Aquatots (XAQ)

3-year old's who swim 15 feet. Themes and games make swim class fun as tots are challenged to swim 20 feet while getting a rollover breath.

It was a little ruff at first but I think Miss C was overwhelmed by all the people. It's a very busy place and multiple classes going on at once. But I went to the edge of the pool with her and I get to sit only about 5 feet away from the pool. Once she got going she did great. They did not take her under water since it was her first day. They are working on Jump-turn-find the Wall. I really thought that was great. It shows them how to get to the edge then hold on. They also are teaching them to get out of the pool without steps. All in the event they fall in they have skills to get themselves out. 
She is a good listener and I think she will grasp the skills pretty quick. At least she will get 4 lessons in before she goes to Ganny's house for her long visit in April. The teacher said until they are 4 they should not be more than arms legenth away at all times if they are not good swimers and that some adult should always have their eyes on the water. 

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  1. great pictures! how much fun it must be. she is so cute!


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