Thursday, February 11, 2010

The better late than never weekend recap

Well my goal was one blog during the week and one weekend posting. I'm already behind! I got the very exciting new late Friday afternoon that I would become the new room parent for the Raccoons! I was of course thrilled and Trey pooped in his pants! He has attempted to forbid me from hosting ANYTHING including a birthday party for Campbell! Yeah right like he will ever win on this subject.

On to the weekend... Trey played an early morning round of golf while our very sweet neighbor Mrs. Nicholson asked Campbell to come over and decorate cookies with her two grand- daughters. Campbell had a total blast and was on her best behavior! What a relief, I had visions of Grumpy (Mr. Nicholson ) living up to his name when campbell had red icing all over his house. But she was perfect!

Next we were off to Jackson Danney's 1st birthday party at the UTGC. We have known Melissa and Chris for over a year now and were excited to go to the Barn Yard Party. They had a petting zoo with all sorts of animals, bunnies big and small, chicken, ducks, goats and best of all a pony. Campbell went all decked in her western wear and Lucy gave her for Christmas. By 4pm we were off the the third party of the day. Keeton Colca's 7th birthday.

By Saturday evening and our fourth engagement Trey was feeling really sick. So it was up to Campbell and I to attend head off to meet "Crulie" (Chris & Julie) with 5 month old William and Mannon. Campbell was of course totally entertained by Mannon and he was so sweet to let her feed him beens and rice. By the end of diner Campbell had discovered my Mac lip gloss.. Mannon got a few shots before I panicked and prayed for my white shirt! 


  1. y'all are so cute, and I see that you are already spoiling that girl, 4 events in one day that y'all HAD to attend


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