Sunday, February 21, 2010

The great egg debate

Egg Beaters Original(R) 

As usual Trey is on his annual January - February diet and detox. Which if you don't know also means he will not touch a drop of alcohol. Fun I know! Well this "Diet" is in someway related to the no carb diet. Trey, as anyone who has ever cooked for him knows, will only eat egg whites. Being the caring wife I am bought the egg beaters, you know 99.9% egg whites! Yeah healthy and a time saver! Nope Trey swears they taste different and they are yucky because they have a yellow tent! He wants fresh cracked eggs each morning Mind you I bought them at costco so we have at least 10 dozen eggs worth! I vote he gets over it and it's mind over matter! He says no way! Sooooooo Who wins? Amber Or Trey? At least Campbell is decisive, she hates any and all eggs!


  1. Eat them! They don't taste that bad :)

  2. Make omelets...They work great for that...He will never know


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