Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

After 3 days with Campbell being sick I was so tired!  Campbell was up so much during the night "we" (I) got very little sleep this week. It was also cold and rainy, moms of toddlers really hate cold and rain because we know that means no outside time and cabin fever sets in quick. So before campbell and I killed each other I moved the back yard slide inside! Yes it looks a little red neck but happy baby means sane mommy! Trey came home around 7 pm and  we made a pizza and everyone tucked in early. 
Campbell went to her second basketball game of the season. Texas v. Baylor. She LOVES basketball games. She cheers with the band and has the hand motions almost perfect! She is so funny she keeps all the people around us entertained and people are always taking her picture. Sadly the game was a loss for Texas after the game went into over time

After the game we rushed back out to Steiner Ranch to attend a neighborhood party for baby Marcus Lamkin. The party was hosted by Liz and Eric Elek. Liz was the perfect hostess of course. We enjoyed getting to know our newest neighbors Max, Cindy and Allen Jordan. Campbell had fun playing with the balloons and Henrick. After a a plate of cheese and avocado Campbell made her way to the dessert! cupcakes from Hey Cupcake! Our favorite! She had lot's of help from Daddy when it came time for cupcakes!

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