Saturday, February 27, 2010

A busy 2 weeks ahead

I wanted to make a little blog now about how busy the next two weeks will be so that when I look back and can't remember why I did not blog I will see that I excused myself ahead of time !

We are exactly 1 week till we leave for Beaver Creek, Colorado and three weeks from Campbell and Trey birthday party with a few events in between. This week is filled with appointments, pick up some new ski gear that I really need (I swear) and a list of things I need to get done for the party. Campbell with go to the farm Saturday the 6th, the Collins and the Fierke's head for snow on the 7th! That will give me one week to do every thing for the party when we get back.

Speaking of the party, the guest list is growing and growing. After last year's 100 person guest list I decided to scale it down...ok Trey might have forced me to, but there are just some people I want there to see Campbell turn 2!  Not to mention my family alone is 10! I thought last year was perfect but this year is even more fun to plan. Campbell's personality is really coming out and I wanted the party to be all about what she loves... Sweets, colors and Yo Gabba Gabba! We are having the party at our house this year and yes I am nervous. I have never had that many people over before and our year looks like crap from all the freezes. Maybe I can talk my green thumbed mom into planting a few flowers for me!

Here is a look back at some first Birthday pictures... How can she be 2 already!!!!

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