Monday, January 10, 2011

Boots, Scoot & Boogie

We rang in the 2011 with family and friends and Elmwood Gardens. The gardens are walking distance to my parents house and a really fun venue to host any event. My family rents the place out to host an annual New Years Eve party. This was Mr.T's second time to spend NYE at the gardens with my family and we never fail to entertain him. This year we let Miss C come for an hour or two since she is a dancing queen! Then about 9:30 she went up the road to great grandma's house. I was really excited Chuck and Amanda came from College Station to ring in the new year with us. Chuck and I used to spend every NYE together so it's nice to continue that with our growing families.

The Last Picture of The Collins in 2010

From the minute Miss C saw me setting up the stereo she knew there was going to be a dance party and she was NOT going to miss out. She was never short a dance partner. We thought it only fair that she got to come and she was so funny to watch. 

Since Mr. T and I have a serious itunes addiction (9,948 songs) my family thought we should DJ the party! Seeing that there is no way I could sit out a dance (so you see where Miss C gets it from) Mr. T did most of the actual DJ work. He might not admit it but he was totally into it! 

This is a little dark but it's so sweet I had to share. Miss C asked Papa to dance! This is Miss C first dance with her Great Grandpa. I'm not sure papa was really into turning circles which is Miss C's signature move! 

Yep thats my Papa dancing with me to Single Ladies! We are still laughing about that! He started the night saying he was not dancing, we knew that would not last long. 

As much as the crowed swears they are all boot, scoot & boogie... By midnight they were ALL Boogie! 

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