Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thats all Folks!

So This is my first official post of 2011, yeah, yeah I know I have technically posted since January 1 but that does not count. This is my first post with events occurring in 2011. Maybe it's just me, but at best my post seem to be about 3 days behind they day they actually occurred. It's the pictures that slow me down but I think thats the best part. 

I was thinking this should be a post including all my new yeas resolutions. Well I'v narrowed it down to one...


Yes, finish. You see, I have the kind of personality that bounces around from idea to idea like a pinball rattling around inside an 80s arcade game. I vibrate with so much excitement when I take on a new project that I have to completely immerse myself in it--obsessively devouring any and all information pertaining to whatever plan has taken root inside my head. For a time, this new interest is what sustains me, it's my only focus. I am driven.  This period can last anywhere from an hour to a month to a year. But then I get bored. Or distracted by something else. Or lazy. And I never finish any of these endeavors--at least not to the point that I'm happy with. So this year, I will finish something. Or hopefully a lot of somethings. Ok, that's lofty. How about a couple of somethings? As in: one more year of this blog! 

You see I finished my first year of blogging! and I'm very proud of my self. I started this a a modern day baby book for my daughter. See my Very First Blog Post here. I'v been working on the Finish goal for a while now. The old if you make a commitment stick to it thing. So I am proud that I did a whole year of blogging. I'v learned a lot and have some new ways to improve my style. I never actually thought anyone but my immediate family would read this thing so I was not to worried about content and grammar. If you know me your saying to your self put Learn How To Spell on your resolution list! So I'm going to work on that to :) I have to give credit where credit is due. It was my neighbor that I stole this idea from  inspired my to do this. Victoria over at Adventures in Abelingland does an awesome blog and turns it into a book at the end of each year. 

So now I get to turn my family's 2010 into a book because I FINISHED! 
And I am committing  to do another year of blogging! 

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  1. You are a rock star! I love your blog and I am so glad you are going to keep writing!


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