Sunday, January 2, 2011

What can over shadow Christmas? Loosing your dog on on Christmas morning thats what!

It started off just as I had hoped, actually later than I imagined because Miss. C slept till 10:45! She woke up and ran down the hall and her eyes light up over all the goodies that Santa had brought. We called all the other family members and they drove over to watch Miss. C open gifts. I imagined watching her open each and every gift I had so excitedly purchased and wrapped.
Here is Mr T's blair witch video skills! 

All was going well till Ganny (my mom) asked where Lucy (the four legged one) was. Much to everyones surprise we could not find her. This was very strange because usually Lucy is right under our feet. She loves her humans. We immediately started a search party. This was at 12:30pm. Our search party of 9 looked for three hours. It seemed she just vanished. Remember now that we are out on my parents ranch; lots of wide open space, woods and wildlife. Sounds beautiful right? Not if your a 6 year old slightly over weight Caviler King Charles Spaniel that has spent very little time outside.! I'll try to make a long sad story short her. I cried and cried and cried some more!  I was sick to my stomach. We all knew once night fall came her chances of survival were slim to none. The coyotes are really bad there. We went on with Christmas activities but it was very somber. I drowned my sorrows in red wine which only caused more tears. I bawled at the thought of Miss C when realized that Lucy was missing. My favorite childhood pet Zeus died on Christmas eve about 9 years ago. Really did that happen again, loosing our dog on Christmas morning? Yes!
  What a shitty Christmas! 

Miracles do happen! 

The next day as we are packing up to head back to Austin our neighbor pull up in front of the house. To tell us she has spotted Lucy! What happened was my Aunt Lucy posted a Lost/ reward poster on her Facebook for for Our 4 legged Lucy. Leah the neighbor saw the post while having diner at her sisters house and called to tell us she had spotted Lucy in her paster on Christmas day about 12:30. So again we went on a search party in the area she was spotted. Out hopes were so slim since she had been gone 20 hours and it was below freezing that night and the nasty coyote problem. We had no Luck. 
Leah the neighbor felt so bad for us that she decided to ride her horses in the woods that afternoon a look for Lucy. SHE FOUND HER! Leah came and got me and I did a mad dash to the woods were she spotted Lucy. Lucy had burrowed down at the base tree where she was hidden in briers and covered in leaves. Scared to death but alive! 

Bless your heart Lucy we love you... and bare  bottoms! 

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