Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Blog Name!

I settled on a new name for the blog for 2011! 

Surviving Suburbia
Because thats what I'm doing! 

I joke all the time when people ask what I'v been up to and say "oh you know just surviving Suburbia" 

Definition of SUBURBIA

: the suburbs of a city
: people who live in the suburbs
: suburban life

I's that number 3 that involves good survival skills to deal with the number 2! and I'm going to invent the number 4 that should be say commute. In our case long ass commute that keeps getting longer! 

So I'm sure I don't need to detail what exactly goes on in suburbia that requires survival skills because apparently it's common knowledge and I'm the one person that missed that memo!  I thought suburbia was a geographical location... quickly I learned it's a lifestyle! Nothing wrong with it! Hear me out I'm not knocking it I'm just saying I'm not a suburbia type gal.  I live in a AWESOME city and I really enjoy the city and all it's quirkiness. We are living 20 miles from the center of the city but it feels like a whole different city. My master planned community is made up of very few locals and a lot of transplants. Mostly people that relocated from California. Once again hear me out, I LOVE California (seriously would buy a home there if I could afford more than a box of cat litter in an ally there) but it is strange to be in the city I love and have been in for 11 years (the Hubby was born and raised here) and meet people who never even go into town and have little interest in anything that happens off "scrapbook island"! 
So as names for the blog ran threw my head I settled on this one after one incident last week. On my way to pick Miss C up from school I had to wait 5 minutes  for a camera crew to fix a boom mike in the middle of my street. Really! The scene in Bolt where the director catches a glimpse of the boom mike in a clip came to mind. I had mixed feelings, about living in a place where I have to wait to drive down the street as they film reality TV. Then again at least it's not Real House Wives of Scrapbook Island. 
The show being filmed here is on TLC called Quints by surprise staring none other than my facebook friends The Jones Family. Cause in the Burbs you gotta be on Facebook, every mothers favorite bragging tool. (but we will never admit that! "It's just for keeping in touch with friends" ;) 
So for now my little family blog will be called Surviving Suburbia and include some of my Stories form Suburbia as well and the adventures of our lives as a new family. At least until my house sells! 

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