Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Babies Name Revealed!

During the first part of the shower the hostess let every one guess the babies first names
the clues were:
1. a former president
2. in a hurry

Then Poppers were passed out to the guest, and yes they really popped when we opened them! 

Don't mind the very scary bikini shot there! The picture says Watch out Ya'll Amber is about to pop! 


Inside each popper was personalized little goodies with the babies names on them! 

So Ta Da! 

Nixon Elizabeth
Rush Beckett

Each name has special meaning to Mr. T and I. We have actually had them picked since about week 25 but I had to think on it a while and just make sure they felt right. Rush or Little Rush as we will call him is named after my PawPaw and Elizabeth is Mr T's grandmothers name. 
PawPaw swears he did not know we were naming the baby boy after him but he sure did guess his own name in the game...Hummm. 
There was one spot on winner to the name game and that was Chris and Wendi! 

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  1. Okay, so I have long loved the name Campbell and I was dying to know what the names of these babies would be. It's a double LOVE for me. Especially the family sentiment. Now I can't wait to meet Baby Nixon and Baby Rush! BTW, I got your sweet note today. TY!


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