Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh yeah I'm still pregnant?!?

To say this pregnancy has flown by would be an understatement but slowly it's coming to a screeching haunt! Literally I'm coming to a halt I'm so huge! I'v had great intentions to blog all the details of this pregnancy for our memory book but that has been a major fail! Since there is a very good chance this could be my last pregnancy I'm vowing from this week on to write at least one post a week about the twins.
The catch to subsequent pregnancies I failed to realize (even though Iv been told) is:
A.) no two pregnancies are ever the same... Hello Twins vs. Singleton
B.) you still have life with a toddler to contend with
C.) my husband thinks he is an old parenting pro therefor has an answer to all things like " I don't need to read that, C is perfect so let's just do whatever you did with her again"
So I'm actualizing that I probably have about 9 weeks before these babies arrive! 9 what!! I'm down to single digits!

My baby daddy, The most interesting man in the world
Taken by my real baby daddy at 26 week pregnant

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