Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Twins Baby Shower

Some people do a sprinkle, a shower or a sip and see. We had baby a flood! And that is just what happens when you have three amazing creative friends that come together to host you a baby shower! I'll forever be looking for a way to let these three ladies know how much this shower meant to me.

There are so many parts to the shower that I want to share I'm going to do it in several post. First the babies name reveal, then decorations and last but not least the photo dump since I can't narrow down the pictures I want to post!  

I wanted something fun and casual with good fattening food, the hostesses took the idea plus the baby names and ran with it! The theme was good ol' fashion BBQ and Doubble Dubble, two American traditions right here before the 4th of July! Get it, Doubble Bubble! It does not hurt that Mr. T is a Doubble Bubble addict! 

So on to the details shall we... click the links below

since the shower had a patriotic theme we will be linking up with  Honey We're Home's Link Party! 

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